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Sponsor Sales Technologies produces sponsorship and marketing presentations in three different formats. 


The first SST presentation file is a PowerPoint® slide show. This file is designed to be stored in your computer. When you send your SST presentation via e-mail, you attach the SST PowerPoint file to your e-mail message. Your e-mail addressee then opens this file and views your presentation on their computer screen. The PowerPoint slide show format allows full screen and full color viewing on most computers.


   SST's second file format type is a CD-ROM presentation.    This is simply your SST slide show presentation saved to a CD-ROM. This file format is used when you don't have your prospective sponsor's e-mail address. If you know your prospect company's mailing address you can enclose your SST CD-ROM with your race team's cover letter. The CD-ROMs are very convenient at trade shows, racing events, etc. because you can distribute them on-site.


  The third SST file format is a paper portfolio presentation.   All SST PowerPoint presentations are downloadable to any color printer and can be copied as many times as you prefer. Like a CD-ROM, SST's paper presentation formats are used effectively in a wide variety of situations. They can be mailed to a prospective sponsor and you can also distribute them on-site at trade shows, racing events, promotions, etc.


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