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Iím not great with computers. Is using SST difficult?

Itís so easy anyone can do it! You store the SST file in your computer, you click your mouse to attach to your email, and then you click again to send your presentation on-line. You can also print your SST presentation from your computer. We can teach you how to do both tasks in five minutes.

Can my race team afford to use SST's presentations?

Your race team canít afford NOT to use SST. Teams spend fortunes every year on their racing programs, with very little financial return in most cases. Our presentations start at under $800.00 each. Wouldnít you invest in a presentation that might earn your team thousands of dollars in revenue?

         I'm not a great salesman. How can SST help me?

Our racing team presentations give even the shyest racers the confidence they need for an effective and persuasive sponsorship sales pitch. When you are equipped with an SST race team presentation, the rest comes naturally.

Why is SST different from other sponsorship services?

SST is different because weíre not like sponsorship gurus who sell you a "how to" book or a generic sponsorship kit. SST individually creates your race teamís sponsorship and marketing presentation. Instead of reading a manual or assembling a kit, you can be pitching prospective sponsors!

Does SST offer sponsorship advice and consultation?

 Absolutely! We do it every day, free of charge for our clients. We are with you every step of the way, from designing your presentation to helping you follow up with your prospects.

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