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 Sponsor Sales Technologies creates and packages professionally designed on-line racing sponsorship & marketing presentations. SST's sponsorship presentations will deliver your team's marketing message in an effective, powerful, and unique format. SST's presentations are priced to be easily affordable to the most budget-sensitive teams.

 SST produces Microsoft PowerPoint® slide shows that can  be sent to anyone, anywhere, with the simple click of your own computer's mouse. We create and design your team's presentations. They are sent to you, and you store them in your computer, ready to be sent by your own e-mail system.

SST's presentations can be copied on to CD-ROM disks, websites, and text (paper) formats. SST can create any type of presentation your race team requires. These presentation types can include team sponsorship proposals, marketing partnership portfolios, and team press releases. SST creates driver and team profiles, and team sponsor e-newsletter updates. SST does it all!

To be successful in motorsports today you need to activate every sales and marketing tool available. Unfortunately,  most graphic design companies will charge thousands of  dollars for a computer designed sponsor presentation. The huge expense of utilizing this cutting edge technology has kept it out of reach of the sportsman drag racer....until now.

Have you ever attended a motorsports event, trade show, or business meeting and had the opportunity to speak with a prospective team sponsor? What if you could follow up your "meet and greet" conversation with a professional, full color computer designed presentation that's delivered safely and securely to your sponsorship prospects e-mail address? 

Drag Racing Sponsorship Presentations For Your Race Team!
Learn how to maximize your team's marketing potential!

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